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Roof Inspections

Done Right, Inc. conducts roof inspections to check for any problems the roof may have and for the approximate life left on the roof. We will give a written report of anything we may find and what should be done to remedy the problem(s) with the approximate cost to repair if needed. By maintaining your roof now, you will increase the roof life by up to 5 years!

We also do this for real estate companies, buyers and/or sellers of property(s) who need an inspection before the purchase or sale of a house.

The cost of an inspection and written report is $125. The reason for the charge is that a roof inspection is an in depth report of your existing roof. We are not there to just measure and give you a cost of a new roof (what you get with a "free" estimate). We are there to hopefully extend the life of your roof with our findings and repair suggestions.


Most cities have attached requirements for various code compliance's to the final approval of any permit. Done Right, Inc. will secure the permit(s) as required for re-roofing and/or solar energy system installation and will complete your new roof and solar system so that it will pass all final inspection requirements of the roof itself.

Message from the President:

"Green is here. We must all do our part to build smarter for the betterment of the planet. We always are looking for ways to increase green. We believe the flat roof can be a green asset with metacrylics. We believe the pitch roof should be better insulated and ventilated to be a green roof."

"Most contractors can use the same materials as us, the difference is, company knowledge, understanding, and willingness to do a good job. We strive to put on the very best roof. We are very aggressive towards our employee's compensation, medical benefits, and vacation pay. Our company maintains a good safety record. We do not put any money towards "buying business" through media advertising such as the phone book, t.v. guide, billboards etc. If you are not satisfied, we will redo the job. Done Right Roofing & Gutters always looks for better ways to do things. Our name says it all."

- Glenn Lenker President/CEO